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Will Narvaez (3rd grade), Jeremy Marin-Campbell (4th) and Jose Marquez (4th)

We couldn’t be more proud of Will, Jeremy and Jose for unleashing their power of words. All students from Bryant Elementary School, these three caballeros were chosen by Alejandro Murguía, San Francisco’s 2013 Poet laureate, as this year’s winners of the Flor Y Canto Children’s Festival. I present you with the words as expelled by our future leaders: Simply, short and Sweet.

“Rap” By José Marquez, 4th grade
The cowboys won the super bowl 10 years ago.
 They got the best gold and made it to the super bowl,
 we got the world not trying to show off, Oakland got the world they got Curry, Lee,
 the best ones in the team.
I wear my blues jeans,
New Orleans Hornets and Oklahoma City.
 I have a team that I hate the name was New York Giants
and I say nan a oh na oh oh because real bad.

“Red” By Jeremy Marin-Campbell, 4th grade
I think of red when I sleep in my bed.
 I always get blamed for the flame.
 Fruit punch is the best except for the rest.
My mom drives in a car to a bar.
I like licking blood on the flood.
I have kitty and the 49ers rule this city.
I have red shoes when I watch Blue’s Clues
I’m getting ready to eat a strawberry.
I wear short when I go to sports.
I like to tomatoes with mashed potatoes.
Red is cool and it rules.
I love hot sauce because I’m the boss.
 My favorite color is yellow and I love Jello.
 I like watermelon but I don’t like yelling.

"Gold” By William Narvaez, 3rd grade
Gold is great for multiple reasons
Gold represents the 49ers
I have a gold diary full of secret I own a gold hat
It protects me from the golden sun
My friend has two gold teeth up front.
Gold is a color of drawing a star.
Lil’ Wayne has bright gold grills.
Gold represents my grandpa’s heat
because he loved us
we meant everything to him


Flor y Canto or “in Xochitl, in Cuicatl” as spoken in Nahuatl, literally means Flower and Song. Figuratively, Flor y Canto refers to the art of transcendence through words, of the discovery of truth through poetry. The Flor y Canto Children festival, which took place at the Children’s Creativity museum on April 6th, showcased the work of youth ages 14 and under in an effort to promote self- expression and to provide a space in which the youth can start unleashing their inner truth. After all, doesn’t the ancient practice of self-expression take us closer to our dreams?

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